Our Testimonials

"After losing a loved one, I felt very depressed and couldn't cope with my grief. Simrat je provided a safe space for me to express my feelings and guided me through the healing process. Her support has been crucial in helping me find peace and move forward."

Vikram Singh

"I was feeling very stressed and anxious due to work and personal issues. Ms Simrat really listened to me and helped me understand my feelings better. She gave me practical tips to manage my anxiety, and now I feel much calmer and more in control of my life."

Priya Shukla

"I was going through a tough time after a breakup and felt very lost. Dr. Simrat was very kind and supportive. She helped me work through my emotions and find my confidence again. Now, I feel much stronger and ready to move forward with my life."

Rohan Tiwari
New Delhi

"I was very doubtful about online counselling but then thought giving it a try as I was not able to find a good counsellor who understands culture in United States. Ms Simrat was recommended to me by my niece and thank god I started my counselling. Her approach is very realistic and relatable. She helped me develop appropriate coping strategies and made me learn great relaxation exercises. Please reach to her and she will surely help you.."

Naresh Goswami
United States

"I can't thank Dr. Simrat enough for their support during a difficult time in my life. Her guidance and encouragement empowered me to find strength and clarity when I needed it most.Choosing her was one of the best decisions I've made. Her approach and effective strategies provided me with the tools to overcome obstacles and move forward with confidence."

Nandini Aggarwal

"Our marriage was facing many problems, and we didn't know how to fix them. Through counseling, we learned how to communicate better and understand each other's perspectives. It has made a big difference in our relationship, and we are much happier now."

Anil and Meera K

"I was hesitant to seek counseling at first, but working with Dr. Simrat has been life-changing. Her empathy and expertise helped me navigate through my challenges."

Arushi Sharma
New Delhi

"I had been dealing with a lot of stress from my studies and felt very overwhelmed. My counselor taught me techniques to manage my stress and focus better. Her guidance has made a big difference in my life, and I am now more relaxed and doing well in my studies."

Neha Gupta
New Delhi