Indian Institute Of Psychology and Training


Associate Psychologist at IIPT

Hi, I'm Shambhawi Keshri, a dedicated psychology master's student with a passion for ensuring that psychological services are accessible to everyone. I'm honored to serve as an associate psychologist at the Indian Institute of Psychology and Training (IIPT).

Outside of my professional life, I find immense joy and inspiration in music, which serves as a constant companion in both my personal and professional endeavors. Furthermore, I deeply value the opportunity to connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds, as it allows me to broaden my perspectives and enrich my understanding of the world.

I have a keen interest in current events and strive to stay informed about the latest news. My curiosity motivates me to explore unfamiliar topics, and I take pleasure in researching and reading about them. This continual learning process broadens my understanding and keeps me engaged with the world around me.

Ultimately, my goal is to break down the barriers surrounding mental health and promote well-being by providing comprehensive psychological support. If you're navigating challenges and need guidance or support, please know that I'm here for you.